Procrastination is Key
2001-12-18 05:05:39 (UTC)


They are over! Exams that is- and I am now at home- glad for
some rest! I was contemplating getting up to go to the Y
tomorrow- but I will definitely be sleeping- However I think
it will possible to do both since I have NOTHING to do for
the next 3 weeks or so- this is the life:)
I am a happy girl tonight b/c I've only been home for like 6
hours and I have already spent time with my 2 bestest
friends, had a sundrop slush- YUM!- AND found out that I
made an A- in both phil and spanish!!!! how exciting! I was
surprised about the spanish thing- i must have ROCKED that
I wonder when my comp 14 and math 83 grades are gonna be
up:-/ that is gonna be sad I fear- oh well. Well I think
that I will make it a habit of not staying up all night
while I'm at home so this is all for now. Hope everyone is
having a good break so far!

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