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2001-12-18 05:04:48 (UTC)

Insane Rambling...or what not.

Why is it that I always end up writing in here at night. I
think it's beacause I'm bored. I don't know really.

Kami! I need a Mp3 player so bad. It's my fault really for
downloading songs on the laptop. Now, I can't burn the
songs. I'm such an idiot. *smacks head*

So the lowest Mp3 they sell in Circuit City is around $70.
I don't really know if I should buy it now or just wait
after Christmas when it's on sale. * Decision, decision*

Here's what I'm listening now on my playlist.

Rurouni Kenshin: Opening theme
Noir: Coppelia no Kuragi
Outlawstar: Tsuki no ie
Angel Sanctuary: Sanctus
Escaflowne: Opening theme
Escaflowne: Again
Devil Hunter Yohko
Ninja Scroll: Poor Kigeru
Shido: Gessekai
Ice Blue Eyes

YAHHH!! It's all anime.

I'm really irritated with my dad though..he's so anal about
things. Okay, the thing is my aunt owns a nail shop, so my
brother and I go there to work/train..whatever works.

I don't understand the fact that we have to go there every
fuckin day! Why? WHY? We can only digest so much material!
*growls* It's the same thing everyday...and you know how
bored you can get when things become repetitive. O.o!

Then he complains the fact that we complain about going
there. Hey man, I know how to give manicure, pedicure,
french tips, airbrush..blah...blah. I'm beginning to hate
being a nail tech.

I did this because I thought it was going to be a fun part-
time job. And I can easily take off early...b/c duh! My
aunt owns the shop. But NOOOOO!! He just sucks the fun out
of it by making us go everyday. I don't have time for that

I need a new RPG to play...I'm desperate. The last RPG that
I finished was Tales of Destiny II ( the japanese version
is called Tales of Eternia... I have both). Which is an
awesome game! My fav. character has to be Meredy...she's
just so cute!

I just can't wait to get my hands on Final Fantasy 10!!
Wohoo!! I love all of Final Fantasy series. Tidus!! But FF7
has to my fav.

Not to mention the fact that it has Cloud, Sephiroth,
Vincent,Rufus,Reno and Aerith.

Hmmm...having a Playstation2 has it perks.. I want to get
Orphen the video game.

Nothing happen much every day. Hmm..I argue
with my cousins..

Granted they're only 6 and 13 year old boys. But damn do
they get on my nerves, especially the 6 year old. I swear
he is spawn of some sort...of evil. If you look at him, he
seems so angelic but I know his way...he is just a bad-ass
apple. To the core.

The 13 yrs. old isn't that bad..but he's a major suck up.
And a total lair. Their parents spoiled them since birth.
They get want ever they question ask. ARGGGHH!!
They piss me off so bad!! The stress I go through with
those two.

*Chants* Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

Christmas presents! I have to buy Christmas presents! Why
do I always wait the week before or even two days before to
shop for christmas presents? * runs around screaming*

I can't wait to see Harry Potter and the Soceror Stone. I
must admit the first time that I ever heard about Harry
Potter I was like what is this!?

I'm definitly not going to like the books. But Guess what!!
I was hooked from the first book. I love the Harry Potter
series now.

Yah, I old are you!? *meekly* I'm 19's
so good. I'm going to see that movie with Bonnie when we
get to GA. And I want to see Lord of Rings.

Ah, *scratch head* I'm done rambling. Ja Ne! ^______^

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