Teen life . . .
2001-04-06 14:06:35 (UTC)

just an update . . .

It's been a while since i've updated my journal, but i'm
starting to get the hang of life. i mean, not knowing what
you are gonna do one day, to totaly having the whole night
planned out. i love my friends, some more than others, and
ya know, that really really bothers me. i can't stand the
things i think of when i'm with them. but i always end up
having a good time. THANK GOD!!! but, school is getting
worse by the day, it just gets more aggrivating as i go
from day to day. i just want to say ok, this is it, i'm
done with school, not caring if i graduate or not. but i
know i can't do that. so, well, i guess i don't know what
else to type about, well i do, but i can't type it here.
i'll end up going under another name to express everthing.
but for now, i'll just blabble on and on about nothing. but
now that i'm out of words i'll update this later. so i
guess i will catch all of you who want to read this later.
cause if you don't read this, then you just don't read this.
later, Josef Mother