All on the table
2001-04-06 12:22:54 (UTC)

OK, so I didn t get it exactly..

OK, so I didn't get it exactly right in my last note.

Yes, Suzie, I have a hole in my heart that I need to fill
in. It's much too soon for me to make a home for you
there. But, you'll still be in my heart, because I still
want that, and I believe you want that, too. I can't be in
this deep and handle the emotions of being so deeply in
love with someone who is hurting and broken - just like me.

But I want you in my heart, wandering down the corridors,
taking a look around, and waiting...

So that some day, we can talk about making a place for you

But FIRST! There's Ann's massive mansion in my heart -
vacant for years, walls kicked in, curtains torn down, just
a complete wreck - and I have been dusting it for years,
hoping to ignore all the damage. FIRST... I have to
bulldoze that eyesore!

Onward... step by step...

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