a waSte of sPace
Ad 0:
2001-12-18 04:06:45 (UTC)

im deAd

i know you, i know all about you, your materialistic. a
barbie doll. if you were anymore exact you'd be walking on
all fours like the dog you are. ive been tormented by your
words. your cursed words. your hateful words. your the
reason. its all your fault. i bet you dont feel one ounce
of guilt do you? your horrid. i hate you all of you. you
know who you are. i put my trust in you. you stabbed me in
the back. im done with you. you were triumphent. and now im
gone you dont have to worry about it anymore. its over with.
you've killed me. i may physically wander around being
struck still with your rotten words. and im dead.

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