"My Wonderful Life"
2001-12-18 03:59:39 (UTC)

It's because I'm White

I cannot get a job nobody it hiring and when I go up
to people and ask if therer hiring they say not at the
moment but you can have and Application. I think its
becuase I am White everybody at Wendys is Black but the one
girl so i could fit in there. I have it good with the
brothers weather anyone believes me or not. I got
Application from Shoe Show, CVS, Wendys, and Mcdonalds. I
hope I get a repsonse to them I am going to turn them back
in tomorrow. I need a job I dont have any money to spend
on Christmas. So I guess I got to get my parents to do it
for me if they will.
School, yeah, it sucks exams are coming up and I dont
have a good feeling about my biology one I think i might
fail it and I dont know what I would do. I have never
failed a class. But its all good I am not going to let it
get me down I am going to study like I have been the past
hour and I half i actully study that long i have never
study that long in my life. But like I said I'm not going
to let it get me down.
Tiffani said Thursday she was going to take me to get
my pic with Santa Claus i think she was palying but I would
do it. Thats kool plus I can tell him what I want and get
it like when i was younger. You know every time when you
were younger you always wanted to stay up and see him I
have never I have tried. But I swear I heard sleigh bells
one time. I sewar i did. unless I was just dreaming but I
dont think I was. I heard them. I even ask for Santa's
autograph one year ad I got it to. I done it for the
Easter bunny as well. Christmas is a really good time of
the year get to spend time with the friends you love and
your family to. So its all good in my hood.
MY step grandpa said that he would fix my system for
me for ym Christmas Present. I am going to try to get a
new CD player and get either 2 10"s or 2 12"s so I can have
aa louder better sound and more power. Well I hope you all
have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.#3