Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-18 03:02:09 (UTC)

when the killer fallows the girl, I am that girl!

hey everyone!
Sup ? Not much here! I am a lil sicky ! ick ! I hate being
sick! Its all this damn meds the doctors keep giving me and
nothing seems to work! Oh well ! I will get over it ! Well
there is some big suprise involving Red! and He told Steph
and she won't tell me! *Sigh* oh well I will have to just
be suprised on sat ! urg! the suspense is killing me!
Grrrr! haha ! OMG ! wow ! Well tonight I went shopping for
friends gifts anad while I was in Target (alone) I kept
hearing someone behind me! and So I kept turning around and
no one was there, so I waslike 'ok' and kept looking for
what I needed to get, and I kept hearing someone like right
behind me ! and it was starting to freak me out , well then
I figure 'hey I will out smart these people go really fast
around the corner and the turn around and run into them'
and so I did that when I turned around and ran into
the 'person' (even though I don't consider them a person)
and they said ' hello sweetheart, I am back!' and I opened
my mouth to screamed in complete fear but their hand coverd
my mouth! I pulled away, turned with a jerk and start
walking really really fast , and I didn't know where the
hell I was going to and I was incomplete panic! It was like
one of those scary movies , where the murder is fallowing
the girl! well as I am walking away really really fast I
hear them behind me saying ' you thought you could get rid
of me by telling you brother, but he doesn't scare me! I am
all over this town! everywhere ! I mean it MARS!' and I was
like ' oh my god!' and I am shaking cause it freaked me
out so bad! I payed for my stuff and ran out to the car!!
and got in and my mom was like 'what the hell happened to
you? See the devil?' and I was like ' uh...... no just
drive, FAST!' but yea ! omg wow total heart attack ! but I
am fucking scared! It freaked me out! omg! *breathe* omg
omg omg ! wow I have to go !