2001-12-18 02:54:55 (UTC)

In Between Day

Yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow in Owen's so today is
the in between day. I baked the traditional December
birthday cake--an orange cake and frosted it.

We had some problems with the phone this morning. There
was a great deal of crackling on the lines. I have no idea
what that problem is caused by.

John is sleeping now, in the afternoon, as he is working
graveyard tonight. I think I'll finish up getting his lunch
ready, empty the dishwasher, finish up the the laundry, and
get things ready for dinner including setting the table, and
then work on some projects. I have to finish knitting socks
but I think I'll work on them in the car on the way up to
Portland on Wednesday when we go to pick up Jack at the
airport. I just have to remember to take a pattern with me
because I don't remember how to turn the heel. There's the
Angel quilt blocks, the Bible quilt blocks, the Girl Gang
notebook cover, and the Snowlady cross stitch to work on so
I think I'll just pick one of those and get to