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2001-12-18 02:52:26 (UTC)

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a teardrop falls from up in the heavens
drowning in sorrows from angels on high
from the least of the helpless, the hopeless, the loveless
your jesus his children he holds in his arms

he loves you (he sees you)
he knows you (protects you)
he needs you (he holds you)

just got done listening to that in my car...such a
beautiful song.

i don't know how adam is doing, i'll hopefully get to talk
to him tomorrow...

bry and may got everything sorted out...yay! he and i
played phone tag all day, so maybe i'll talk to him
tomorrow too...

allen wasn't lying to me. it was she who was confused, not
him. that made me very happy to find out, though something
still seems to be bothering him...

kaydren was there today and helped me a lot. hopefully
she'll be there tomorrow too...

nicole actually didn't get on my nerves today. i think
it's a first. let's hope it's one of many...

elizabeth was being distant. she's hiding something...

lin was in a very good mood. she almost seemed happy...

as for me? despite all the obstacles sent my way today i
was in a very good mood. woo hoo!

later all,