Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-18 02:31:16 (UTC)


Well, tonight was a good night and a bad night all wrapped
up into one. I don't really know what's going on with me
right now, but my heart just isn't in school and I just
feel kinda blah all of the time. I saw Zack today!yay! But
ya, we played basketball for awhile, it was fun, but he
beat me so I got really mad. lol Then he said that it was
okay, he would just say that I won. hehe. Then rebecca came
over cuz we had to study for our fricking biology test
tomorrow. I felt really bad, cuz I think Zack was kinda
upset that I didn't kiss him bye or anything, but I wasn't
gunna just make out with him right in front of
Then, me and becca studied for 2 FRICKIN HOURS!! But now at
least I know the stuff, I hope anyways. Ya a lot of people
are really kinda starting to piss me off right now. One of
them is Kristin~ I'm really getting to the point where I do
not like her at all. For one, I don't like Jenna Pudik, her
BFF, and for two, she told rebecca that zack was fat and
ugly. I was just like FUCK HER! When becca told me that.
She thinks that he is a cutie. I mean, she can think what
she wants, but she doesn't need to go telling mean stuff to
other people. And another thing, I just think everything
she's been doing is really superficial lately. And I hate
that. ALOT! I guess this is just time for kelly to rat on
people huh. She's feeling in kinda a pissy, yet giddy mood.
Weird huh? Oh ya, and I'm getting really sick of everyone
always asking me if I am on crack! I'm not nor will I ever
be on drugs! I'm 200% clean! haha ya. I don't know what I
want right now, all I do know is that I love jewlz and sam
and mandy and becca and kara jo. Those girls are so much
fun to be with! Expecially ju and sam and mandy! We have
such a blast! Well ya when I get pissed off again tonight,
I will add more to this. lol