listen to my silences
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2001-12-18 02:31:15 (UTC)

just one of those days

ever had just one of those days? you know, the kind where
you woke up feeling like it was going to be a great day?
and then you were ten minutes late to school, it was
pouring, you came in to class looking like a drowned rat,
found out you're doing twice as bad as you thought in
english, didn't finish anything in printmaking, couldn't
eat in spanish, broke a project in ceramics, realized you
locked your keys in your car, then couldn't get it unlocked
cause no one had the tools so you had to have someone drive
you to louisville and back cause everything you own,
everything that identifies you, is in your car, and then
screw up every routine you had down or mostly down? ok, so
except for the details, you probably know basically what
i'm talking about. *sigh* oh well. i'm off to do

final thought: tomorrow is another day.