Pandora's Book
2001-12-18 02:25:13 (UTC)


December 17, 2001

This is a letter that Leese wrote to me... I wasnt able to
read it fully until today for some reason... I thought I
would save it in here,,, just as a reminder to myself that
I do have friends.


Glad you are ok........but remember its ok to admit you
are not ok!! I know how you are feeling...I feel like that
too under all the pressures, stress, and obstacles in
life! I know its difficult to hold in all your unhappiness.
Its not good for you, but to an extent I suppose you/ppl
have to learn how to cope with it. Crying is good makes you feel better and somewhat
satisfied. ^_^ Its ok to "break" sometimes...letting go
(again my little fav poem that I so believe in!) is good for
you sometimes. I guess people make obstacles for
themselves (personally). I think people are imperfect in
that respect. Once they have solved one problem,
somehow they create another one for themselves....just
my own theory though!

Anyways, well if you are really down or anything and you
want someone to talk to I am here.....(I think my
amateur "shrink" is kicking in again...! ^_^)! Life is
difficult and sometimes its is just plain depressing, but
why not face the obstacles and try your best? Its all we
can do and all that we are required to do when you
think about it. Maybe in the end things will turn out ok.
They may not turn out the way you planned/want it all
too but maybe it won't be as bad as you think as long
as you have tried your best or that you have done all
that wanted/could do! Whatever, life is
COMPLICATING. :( I hope you find happiness

Take Care,