Crazy Thoughts
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2001-12-18 01:59:31 (UTC)

burn my words

Mondays are monday, busy but alright (even if you want to
kill your art and english teacher) but mondays are not even
a place to begin, when you have to choose between two
things that you love in your life and you don't know where
they'll take you and why god has even presented this
situation, it's hard. It burns you alive, you sit there
after you have written down everything there is to be
written-pros and cons, feelings, emotions, and you are
engulfed in the flame that burns those papers that you have
poored your heart and soul into effortlessly. You can't
stop looking at it earse each word hastely written, and the
smell lingers all around. It's hard doing that, decideding
wondering if you'll make the right decision, wondering if
you're doing the right thing, who ever knows what I'm
writting about knows I'm facing a huge problem that could
basically change everything if I allowed it too. It's just
profoundly provoking, and to just think of something like
that...I wish I could get my way, but I'm not going to tell
anyone what I truly want, because they wouldn't understand.
It's so hard and nobody but me can do it, I'm keeping this
secret issue as discrete as possible, and when the time
comes I'll share, but damn, I can't get over it, errr! God
help me please!