Cruel Intentions
2001-04-06 10:02:36 (UTC)

a bit of Frank, a bit of Michael

*L* omg
now u gotta listen to this, i have frank talking to me at
the moment, and he has just put on of my pics as his
Frank2982: *smiles* guess what
CherriesDFWM: what?
Frank2982: i put the one picture where you have the flower
in your hair as my background for my comptuer, so now i can
always look at your pretty face *smiles*
CherriesDFWM: omg! thats so sweet!
Frank2982: *smiles* i thought i should add something pretty
to my screen cause it had been blank before
CherriesDFWM: *blush*
Frank2982: *smiles*
CherriesDFWM: *is speachless*
Frank2982: awh *doesnt usually make girls speechless*
CherriesDFWM: *L* im not usually speechless
Frank2982: *smiles*
CherriesDFWM: still.. no1 has me as thier backround
Frank2982: *smiles* hehe well *smiles* i dunno i thought
you should go up there cause your so pretty

heh.. and at the same time, i'm also talking to michael,
who is flying my to sydney, and getting me a ticket for a
rave that is like $150 a ticket, and celebs go there n
stuff. heh.. its gonna go off. and hes gonna buy me some
drugs for it *L* lil bit of E never hurt anyone !

Michael says:
tell me why cant i get u out of my mind
¨°º¤100% §èx¥ ßî ©h¤º°¨ says:
um.. i dunno *L*

Michael says:
but im only doin this because
Michael says:
i dont know why
Michael says:
to tell u the truth
¨°º¤100% §èx¥ ßî ©h¤º°¨ says:
*L* cuz ur the nicest person in the world?
Michael says:
there's just something about u, i dont stop thinking about
u.. sorry, i dont want to scare u or anything. I just like
u.. a lot

so theres my night, hope you had fun... i know i did *smile*

- Niki

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