Black Moon Light

Black Moon Light
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2001-12-18 01:47:29 (UTC)


I hate my family so much. I wish my mom would just get the
hell away from me and go there (hell). I hate her so much.
I try not to show my true feelings cuz then they's send me
to a fucking psychologist guiy who would mess up my already
fucked up pathetic life. I dream of killing myself but wont
cuz if my friends. It's because of them im still here. THey
mock me with their close to perfect lives. running away
wont work cuz my parents always have a way of finding me .
It's all fucked and it sux. I have 6 words for whoever the
heck controls time"
I'm gonna piss my parents off bny doing waht they dont want
me 2 do. This is lovely isnt it? Evryone who supposedly
knows me really has no clue about what goes on in my mind.
Hey i just noticed where my dad keeps his weapons.

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