between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-04-06 08:40:38 (UTC)

she is the greatest mom...ever

well.....its 3:00am and again i cant sleep.
I layed in my bed and thought of all the
things i could right in here,all the things
i could share with you,could make you laugh.
i could make you cry,make you sad all kinds
of things but first let me tell a story:

when i was around 5 we lived in an apartment.
my mother was around 25.she was putting
herself through beauty school.and we or
should i she didnt have a lot of money,that was durring the month of dec.
which happens to also be the months of my b-
day....anyway i was told the usual christmas
stories just like all the kids iam sure,
santa will land his rein dear on the roof
throw his bag of toys and goodies over his
sholder ,stand at the chimney,a n d
wiggle his nose.......and slid down it with
a thump!!!!! wow i remember thinking...
he will and iv been good i promise mommy
really i have.......and i kept thinking for
days about that.......santa ,chimney,toys...
and one night i went to mom came
in to kiss me good night....tears is all she
saw ,face all red,sniffle sniffle....whats
wrong sweety? you ok?mommy santa isnt
comming is he?sure he is baby! mommy i have
been good !eyes all big and sincere!!!! i
know sweety so whats wrong? santa will come
see you and bring you some toys!momy he
cant! why cant he? we dont have a chimney or
a fire place so he cant get in!oooohhhhh
sweety she replied yes he will i promise. he
comes to see all good girls you will see.and
she kissed me good night,and pulled my
covers over me.......a few days passed and i
still walked around all gloomy and sad,,,,
and every night she assured me that santa
would come cause i hadnt been bad.
and i told her every night no way mommy he
cant get in we dont have a chimney i
said...... it was the night befor christmas
and all through the house my mother made a
chimney of card board and a fire place in
our house..........and a surprised little
girl awoke to the clatter and found that
santa had been there and a real chimney
didnt matter!!!! thanks mom i love you!!!


ill allways remember that,it was the best christmas
ever!!!!!!! The things a mother does to end her
childs fears......this is a true story...... i have
the best mom in the world.and she did things like
this all threw my years of growing up,allways there
to make it better ........