A Closed Mind is An Open Book
2001-12-18 00:20:43 (UTC)

What the hell is wrong with me!!!!!

I wish I knew what the heck is going on with me. I feel
like I'm snapping at everyone for no reason at all. I feel
like I'm just going to fall apart, almost depressed... I
know I'm not depressed. I have no reason to be. My life is
going great... really... minus the pounding in the back of
my mind and the small panic attacks I have when no one is
around. I just want to stay curled up in my bed with the
sheets pulled up over my head and not talk or hear anybody
or anything forever. ugh... whatever. I'm just gonna go
call robbie and hope I dont make him angry. I don't know
how he puts up with me. I'm such a bitch to him sometimes.