a waSte of sPace
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2001-12-18 00:13:20 (UTC)

Lack therE of liFe

It is i, Kristen, the spam waste of space flake of
nothingness. i am here to express my feelings to those who
care to listen.

i am in love with a boy
his smile so sweet.
everytime i see him
my heart skips a beat.
i cannot talk to him
for fear i will faint
the way i act around him
is quite queer and quaint.
i wonder if he's interested
or if he even cares
i guess it wont be known by only
thoughts and stares.

that is about this guy i like yea i told him i liked him
and i dunno what to make of his reply it didnt give me much
help on his feelings. he dosent open up to many people and
his mom is lucifer, or so im told. i dont know him that
well. he was in a band as the singer. supposedly he gets
ignored completely at home i think its really sad. i like
him alot but its hard to talk to someone who wont talk back.

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