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2001-12-18 00:12:53 (UTC)

Not sure

This is my first entry ever so please bare with me. I guess
I'll get better with experiance but whatever. I only
started this cause I feel lost in this mad world. Whos
isn't though Its as if I was in this never ending puzzle
which can never be solved because the light is never on.
Anyway to introduce myself, my name is Kye. I'm a 15 year
old New Yorker who believes in pacifism & is very
ambitious . Oh yeah, don't forget lost. I always felt i was
inside this abyss. An Abyss within my own mind. Lost
forever in this deep chasm, i feel alone & dark. I'm
suppose to be this person who is heartless & is such a
loner. But am I truly this person? I guess in time the
question will be answered. My heart aches for the world &
for the future. The pain & the suffering will never end.
Were just too human...Whatever, i guess this is a nice
place to blab out anything. Well i'll write again, see ya

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