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2001-12-18 00:10:16 (UTC)

December 17th, 2001

It was a rainy day in Prattville today, much like last
Thursday in Tuscaloosa. I just got through playing with my
dog, who incidentally, is a Boston Terrier named Kiplin and
got on the computer to check my grades. No grades up yet,
my teachers are lazy. I've been sick the past 2 days, I
think it is the result of being in wet clothes most of the
day last Thursday. I'm better now, but still have some
residual nastiness in my system. Hopefully it'll be
flushed out by tomorrow. I have yet to do any Christmas
shopping yet, but it's on my list of things to do
tomorrow. I'm really excited about Wednesday, that's when
"Fellowship of the Rings" comes out. I've never really
been much into Tolkien, but I've heard a lot of hype about
this epic movie, and about Tolkien himself, and it has
gotten me pumped up to see the movie. I think it will be
playing in Prattville, after all, we do have a decent
theatre now. I'm in a precarious situation right now as
per women. While it's kind of nice not being "bogged
down", on the other hand, it's depressing seeing all of my
friends who are dating someone, and are happy. I have at
least one in mind that I'd like to date, and who knows...
perhaps after the new year, I'll throw caution to the wind,
let the chips fall where they may, and all other cliches
like that (I know there should be an accent over the "e"
there, but I can't remember the code for it ;P) We'll