Saving the Day
2001-12-17 23:45:19 (UTC)

Dancing in plastic, shake-up snow.

i've had that song in my head forever. Probably since about
Ryan got me the copy of clarity. Such a great cd, such a
great band. I've needed a whole lot of Jimmy Eat World
lately. Life's been so confusing. You get so used to having
things in an orderly disorder and then they go up and
change on you. Not necessarily for the bad, they are just
different and you've got to get used to it. I'm glad i get
to do something with Kerry this week, i never get to chill
with that girl and she's so cool and so much like me. I
guess i like to find my common bond with everyone. Holly
and i had so many common bonds and now look at them, they
seem as if they are all gone, even though they are still
there everyday haunting me with the memories of what an
awesome person she is and how much i miss her as a friend.
I feel so horrible for crying in the parking lot on friday.
I try so hard never to let any apparition of sadness show
to the outside world, and i just had to go and ruin it.
i've realized that i've been missing a lot of things
lately. Maybe its the whole Finch influence. I'm also glad
to get back something that i haven't had for a long long
time and that security feeling is back when i'm in his
arms. But i'm still so skeptical of what might happen. I
really do not want to get hurt. i guess i'll take it as it
is and jsut try to keep my feet on the ground, thats where
they belong. i'm really proud of all my friends, they have
been looking out for me this whole time and they all want
to protect me and watch out for me. Luckily i have friends
like this because i sure do know that being the kind of
person i am, i'm prone to get myself in trouble...a lot. i
need that support system to help me through it all. well
i've rambled a lot, apologized some more and confused
everyone (even myself) i'm out of here. catch ya on the
song: lucky Denver mint: jimmy eat world