Joshin Jane

2001-12-17 23:44:19 (UTC)

call me carl

i'll be doing the obsessive g-land thing until i go back to
school and get to the point where i don't sleep too much.
so my future plans?
jon's buying me a train so i can come visit.
ben and i are organizing the purchase of the sin bin, which
apparently needs a new name.
casey and i are doing the exchanging diary thing.
brian has yet to tell me all about his childhood traumas.
natalia and i are going to write poems about our underwear.
and becky's teaching me funny words.
the word of the day, for example, is zittage.

wednesday is my first stress-free day of break.
thursday through sunday, i was consumed with the insane
happiness of being in guilderland with my beckyboo.
i had that meeting with dr. shaps today.
tomorrow i'm getting bloodwork done ::ughhhh:: and doing
alumni phone-a-thon in the evening.
but no matter how you look at it, break is suuuuch a relief
and i'm just thankful for sleep and olsen twins and soup
and the awful habit of reading i've developed.
most of all, i'm thankful for my friends.
you guys are truly amazing and i can't express how much
you've meant to me.
for those of you who know how much i love you, let's keep
that up, and for those of you who i don't know as well,
let's get to know each other better.

hey i'll let you guys in on a few secrets....
a) don't buy me milkshakes to win my love
b) new jersey has lots of nuclear plants
c) i like being called sweet pea
d) goodness, why didn't any of you make me read harry
potter before and who's going to go see the movie with me
e) there are 5 months that start with feb...
f) natty p (hahahaha i bet i'm the only one who calls you
that, aren't i?) - the poem will be fine. yeah, i know i
COULD be your hero, but right now you're my hero. pat pat
for your sinus...