Baby Story
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2001-12-17 23:15:43 (UTC)

11 wks 5 days night

Well, like predicted earlier, I am dead tired here at
work. After taking my final this morning, I caught up with
Jen for lunch at TGIFridays one last time this semester.
She was surprised at the growth of my belly. Then I was so
worn out that I went home and slept for 1 hr and 45 mins.
I almost slept right through work!!! Which would not have
been good, being that I am looking for a promotion! I have
done nothing since I got to work, except post messages on
the message boards of I think I am
addicted to that place. My stomach is cramping up funny.
That damn uterus is just a The thought of
eating the chicken fingers in the fridge I bought for
dinner kinda makes me, ugh, forget that thought. Ew.
Haha, Nelson got so frustrated today as I was absent minded
and tried to hold a conversation with him. I couldnt
finish even ONE sentence. Is it okay for preggos to lose
their minds? I hope so, cause I AM!~!~! Wish me luck in
dealing with customers tonight! haha, this is gonna be
fun. Well, hope all is well with everyone. Drop me an

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