So this is Life?
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2001-12-17 23:14:25 (UTC)


Ok, just got home from cheerleading practice, which went
quite poopy. Major lappage around the track and if we
couldn't run anymore then pushups! Total ughh.

Alright, so this wouldn't piss me off so bad if it weren't
for the fact that it was punishment for something I didn't
do. The whole team suffers because some people are
incredibly immature. Ohhhhh, dumb. However, Dad brought a
new light into the situation and told me how punishing
everyone will put the pressure on the stupid people to stop
cuz we'll be ready to beat them down. So that's groovy. I am
glad I didn't walk out cuz I almost did. Coach was being
beastly today. We've all got problems (yes, even me) but we
gotta' try not to take it out on others.

On another subject, I got an e-mail from Kreg today and he
seemed mad at me. I must have took something too far or
something...I dunno'. I like him sooo much, but apparently
the feeling isn't mutual. At least that's what I think... It
really bums me out cuz I don't know for sure, just pretty

A friend of mine whom is very unique (ha ha back from the
last entry :)) wrote something online I don't agree with but
found very interesting. Check it out at on
the about me part.

I'm hopin' to get my website up on the internet sometime
this week, we'll see how that works out :) :) Bye
P.S. Comment!

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