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2001-12-17 22:32:03 (UTC)

To love.......or to kill myself

Ok, I am completely and utterly confused about boys right
now. If I could I would
run away to some far away tropical island and warm myself,
big difference from this freezing in my turtleneck, hehe. Jared likes me....big
whoop. Ok I personally may
think he is really cute, but he is also pretty he gives me an odd vibe, and I
would have to see him like every hour of every day. With
Rich.....itd be like....I
wouldn't see him during the school week, just like once a
week. He's really really
hot, and I feel comfortable with him. But.....only problem
there is that Joe Mauer, my
bestest friend and soulmate in the world will get soooooo
pissed and sooooo emo and
mad and he will like totally resent Ricky and his friends
will all completely shun me.
Oh, and Rich's house is pretty weird, too.....religous? I
dunno. I just wish that I could
cute Jared off easy, and make Joe understand I will never
love Ricky the way I love
him....and let Rich know that I want that easy laid back
kinda relationship he seems
pretty capable of right now. Wow he's got a nice body. I
want him, I'll admit it. I want
Ricky. I want to see him right now, badly. Arghgfgfg

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