Life, no one gets out alive?
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2001-12-17 22:00:55 (UTC)

I'm writing again . . . be afraid(some of you knwo what this means)

Round I turn to find a new path.
Round and round there is no path left.
Round I spin in hope of a new bigining.
Round I turn to find all are but endings.
No londer round I spin as there is no where left to go.
No turning as my world spins for torture of my soul.
Spinning so fast all I do is cry
Spinning forever, I fall.

(That sucked; I kept accidentally making it rhyme, then I
would re-write it untill it didn't, and now it sucks.)

Flashes of images all but forgotten
Remeberances of a time in pain.
Physical or Emotional they both were there.
Physical and Emotional they are here now.
Images of those loved walking out the door.
How beautiful they looked while abandoning me.
Flashes of pain used to make the hurt stop.
Pain that the hurt could out do.
Flashes that call for me incesently
Call to make the past be the present.

and that sucked to.....


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