My Life
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2001-12-17 21:38:07 (UTC)

He made me dinner again...

Well, the dinner with Terry fell through Sat. night because
he wasn't able to get his load pickup and come back to the
cities so he wouldn't make it back until 9-10. I was of
course disappointed that I wouldn't see him but I totally
understood. I thought about going to the Christmas party
with Byron but his plans changed too and he was meeting a
blind date for dinner before the party and I didn't want to
mess up his plans. So instead i stayed home, made peanut
brittle, made some venison chili, went and picked up Chinese
Food (yum) and enjoyed an evening at home.
Sunday I actually made it to Church and that was good, saw
my cousin for a bit. Then i volunteered at the Humane
Society, which was a lot of fun, we had 3 shepherd/rott pups
and they were adorable. They were all adopted too!
And then Terry was home and he invited me for dinner at his
house again! I came home, jumped in the shower and drove up
there. I brought him some goodies, some of the venison chili
and some turkey jerky he likes, some peanut brittle and a
greyhound tree ornament I found at the HS. He made stuffed
pork chops, cauliflower w/cheese, baked potatoes, rolls.
Again, he did a reall good job and I was impressed.
His roommate was there so we ate and talked and then we
watched Tomb Raider, which I really liked and then we
started watching U571 but it got late for me and I had an
hour drive home so I didn't finish watching that.
I wish his roommate wasn't there, i'd have liked to be alone
with him. Do you think it's possible to be erotic or
passionate holding hands? I do.
Terry says he'll be back for sure by Thursday so he can take
me to the airport, also, his favorite Aunt is coming into
town on Thursday. He'll be at the yard today which is the
same city i work in. I'm hoping he'll call me for lunch, i
want to see him again, but I have a back up lunch in case he
doesn't and I'll try to not be disappointed.