LilJDunk Double E

The thoughts of....Me.
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2001-12-17 21:34:59 (UTC)

FiXx Me...

It's just one hit of your love
Is exactly what I need
To get my high
Get my to the places where I wanna be
But instead, you got me in the streets
Fiendin' like a freak
Caught up in the mix
But all I need, all I need's just a fix

She can fix me with the love
Straight up
Just can't get enough of your love
Hit me with the dub
Baby hook me up
I wanna get high up off your love

Parle . Jadakiss . Eve

. Fix Me .

Okay here i am and my keyboard is trippen as usual..and
that song is the one im feelin right bout now. 2-day was a
reg school day..same shizznit. Tomorrow how ever should be classes will i attend..whoo hoo!! But the
weather said somethin bout snow!? *Oh No!* That shit is
cold. Then after all that Miracle on 34th street is
happenin with a slamin line up. (Alicia keys is on da
list!!!! ) But ima let you kno all bout that the next day
or whenever i can.. til then...take care.

It's now DONE..

by the double ONE.