Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
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2001-12-17 21:33:34 (UTC)


ok i guess dad's seein the report card today... personally,
i'm proud of it! i'm only failing ONE class, and that's
Mrs. DuPuyt again :| grrr i hate her.. she cant teach a
flea how to jump..
but anyway, that ONE class is all dad will prolly even look
at :| how cheap! i actually put effort into it too, and i
still cant pass :| why is there only ONE CII teacher in
this stupid ass school ?? the only one we have cant fuckin
teach! go look in :| go to
kendall JR/SR High and look up DuPuyt (spelled wrong on the
site) and look! eveyrone hates the bitch!

anyway.. this might be the last entry for a while :( *hugs
her diary closely*

anyway, yesterday i made the discovery that Simba was a
Jew! y'see.. scar is characterized much like Hitler... his
hyenas goose-step, they chant "long live the king" .. he's
German... so if Hitler-Scar is out to kill simba and
mufasa, that must mean simba and mufasa are JEWS! yep..
yet another hidden message within a Disney movie. *shakes
her head...*

anyway thats about all for now... byee.... :(