The Life And Times of Kara
2001-12-17 21:32:21 (UTC)

Hello Again...

Hello hello! Time again to delve into the life and times of
Kara. Let's see...Friday was a pretty good day. The pep
rally rocked, and I finished watching my favorite Christmas
movie in the world, "White Christmas". That is a very good
movie. The game Friday night was good too. We won!!!!!
Saturday night I went to another basketball game (It
rocked, we won again!). Shelley and I brought our guitars
and Michelle brought her dulcimer and we jammed. Now we are
going to get a band together for the Talent Show. We will
rock! After the game I went over to my friend Robyn's for a
party! It was nice to see everyone and to meet her friends
from college. Sunday was a down day. Today I had a pretty
good day. Life is good and that is good. Well, that is all
from my neck of the woods. Have a great day!