Young and Restless
2001-04-06 06:01:37 (UTC)

Do you hate your parents, too?

Oh my God~ I hate living with my parents so much. I just
can't stand my mother any longer. She is such a bitch! I am
trying really hard to do better in science and in history-
but she doesn't believe that I am trying! Next week is no
school. Spring or Summer (forgot which) Vacation week.
**~*GROUNDED*~** or so she said. I'm not done fighting for
my right to freedom over break yet... I don't give in
easily. Never have, never will. So anyway, I've been givin
the choice for having no phone, or no Rec next week. If
things go badly, and my mom wins this one, I have thought
it over to pick not having the phone. During the day when I
don't have anyplace to go, I can still use my computer! So
I guess thats not too bad, and at later on when the Rec
opens, I can get the fuck out of this Hellish house and
have some partyin' with my friends. I just figure that is
the best way to go, since it means the most time away from
home. I would get to go to dances, also. So thats what I'll
do. But I'm not done fighting for my total vacation freedom
yet! *!*DieHard*!* I'm trying to move my restriction to the
week after the vacation... but I'm not expecting it to
work. I never expect the best out of anything anymore- that
way it won't lead to as much disappointment in the end when
it all turns to shit.
Today after school, well this week is half days, so
way after school ( lol ) at 2:30 my dad took me to Mindy's
house to pick her up and take her to the Rec with me till
6:00 pm. It was a huge surprise that her mom let her go,
especially with me since I am the one of Mindy's friends
that she hates the most. ( Because I am bisexual and
because Mindy likes me (Her mom is a homophobic bitch) )
Anyways so we got to go and chill out and I finally got to
have a cigarette... I needed it so bad- I need one again
now but lets not think about it, Roxi. Think soda pop...
chew some gum... okay thats a little better... *(lol)*

Awww FuCk my mom is yelling at me I have to go to bed
now... shit I swear someday she is going to accidentally
slip down those stairs and break a lot of things... ***by
accident, of course*** I'm just so mad at her, I could put
her in a room and lock it and just slip food under the door
for a month or two... she can just fuck off and back out of
my life. I cant wait till I'm 18 and I can get the hell on.
I really gotsta go now, I'm already in trouble so this is
no good. **feeling strange for not defying rules**

Love Always