2001-04-06 05:40:47 (UTC)

well someone wrote me today and..

well someone wrote me today and recommended something for
me to read but i don't believe that it was finished so
whoever wrote me.. i believe the book is the CELESTINE PR?
is that the full title.? who knows. but thanks anyway.. if
you can return the message. i would appreciate it. and
being since i never really formally introduced myself like
everyone else seems to do when they first start writing.. i
am a girl.. i will remain as simon tho and i am still in
high school if that helps at all. i live in california and
i like to draw and paint and do art in general.. i love
writing and reading.. so if you like that stuff. i would
love to see your art or writings and if you recommend any
books i'm interested in reading some. o yea and whoever
feels they would like to e-mail me. i love getting e-mails
and stuff and i will definitely respond if you e-mail =) ok
well other than that. if you are reading this thanks again.