Life according to Luvie..
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2001-12-17 20:08:22 (UTC)

In SKewL and DoWN....

Dear Diary,
Well ok Jan hates me and it's understandable. But Ramon
still doesn't. He will in time. Eduard was auctioned off
for fifteen dollars in our school's 'Friend for a Day'.
Whatever. It was so sexist. And DUUUMMMMB!

Um what else?

Oh yea! Princess likes Ramon which I am thankful for. I
mean she is a lesbian. But since that is happening I am
thinking she is just bi. Woo-hoo! That means there's hope
for me and hope for her to redeem her soul from Satan at
the same time. You know?! I ain't all that religious but
still. I want the best for her.

My mom is in the hospital. After I wrote that entry
yesterday, she was taken in. I am here in my journalism
class trying to call her. But no can do. I am really
supposed to be in my health class.

Charlie lent me his jacket. Coz the cold front came in and
I was so freaked. I mean imagine me being scared for my mom
that I forgot it was coming in. LALALA! So he saw me and
gave me his sweater. I felt all weird and smiled. So I took
it. In second I got my jacket back from the boy I had lent
it to. He ain't that important so we won't mention his

Um...I really love Princess. I just wish that she could be
happy. She won't be with me I know this. So oh well. In
five months, most of my 'friends' who treat me like shit
will be gone. Princess will be gone too. I best be going.
Love always,

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