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2001-12-17 19:04:26 (UTC)

mmmmm coffee with WAAAAAY to much sugar in it

so yea, welcome back to the land of blah.

so i finally turned 20. seems like ive been waiting almost
a year to do that...hehe

my party was interesting, not much happened there. i
brought a friend along (the now, un-dug guy) and my cousin
sean played the trumpet for him allllll the way to my
grandmothers house. now *that* was funny as all hell!!!
he sorta pissed me off so he deserved wotever he got. even
if it was an ear-ful of poorly played "oh holy night" (i
coulda sworn it was oh christmas tree).

so yea, i turned twenty, and over the weekend i got
smashed. it was beautiful.

i went to Canadia and found myself hopping from bar to bar,
(rumours, the daily planet and seneca) the daily planet was
fucking awesome!!!! i had waaaay to much to drink tho cuz
all of a sudden everyone was hott (i found myself
saying "HI youre cute! HIII ur hott!)

anyhow, i just thought id share.
ttys (or ta ta you slut)
-aradia* i touch you once, i touch you twice...haha