2001-12-17 17:17:03 (UTC)

long time no write

yes i know its been a long time since ive written but i
dont think it matters .. no one reads this anyways.. not
much has been happening... i got a new family member
yesterday.. a bunny named stew.. went out to dinner and saw
my parents yesterday.. along with scotts friend tim.. hes
cool.. that was about it for yesterday.. christie called me
from her boyfriends parents house and was wondering if they
could keep a dog here for the next two weeks.. sure why
not... even though we arent suppose to have dogs..
supposedly its a puppy.. but i dont want to hear it if it
starts pissing all over.. like they bitch about my cats.. i
dont know.. they are moving out soon... which means even
less money for me... sadness.. im already broke.. but scott
got a job.. starts today so that will bring in some more
money.. woohoo.. anyways... guess thats about it.. not much
has been happening.. just trying to get xmas shit out of
they way.. we only have one more person to buy for.. scotts
sister so thats good.. i can not wait til xmas is over with
so i can start saving some money.. i need to so i can be
able to move out of here by the first of april... fun
stuff.. ahh!!