hurt some more
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2001-12-17 17:13:21 (UTC)


im starting this because im at an ugly ugly place in my
life. i am very angry and unhappy and i need a place to
dump all this poisen.im 34 yrs old. heavily tattooed.i
really dont think my freinds give a damn about me. theyre
users and losers and fair weather freinds to say the least.
i try very hard to be close to people to be nice to them
and be a good freind but im not good with people and it
just is all f**ked up.im freaked out because someone i
care for wrote me off. im pissed because no one gives a
damn . no one cares that i hurt.i really just wanna break
shit and hurt myself. i am so angry. even my writing is
screwed now. i cant seem to get any pleasure from anything.
i hate my life and i hate them all. all.

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