Life, no one gets out alive?
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2001-12-17 17:00:58 (UTC)

I think this is a mistake

This journal is for me and for right now only me. But I am
afriad it is a mistake, as I hide my true feelings from
friends and who I consider family. *yes friends are family
as my family kind of sucks* I just want to do something to
make me feel better and I thought this would help but I
think it is only making things worse. Maybe it isn't and
the only difference is I can see what I am writing and
realize that I'm dying inside. I've made the pain tangible
in someway with writing. I don't know I will continue to
write here as I'm not quite sure what I am going to do or
where I am going to turn. Luckily many of my friends are
coming home from college soon. So maybe them being home
will make me feel better but I don't know if they will be

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