Cosmic Rain
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2001-12-17 15:17:53 (UTC)

Tis the season..I should be jolly.....

"....Ronald McDonald shoes were designed to shade the world
below his feet from the harsh reality of just how fucking
scary the dude is…..."

Late night quotes scare me and scare me more that I thought
of them....

Everything feels so rushed at the moment...It's that
typical Christmas thing that you say you'll change the next
year, but never do and kick yourself for it again and
again...But maybe next year, just next year I might do it
differently..But each year the Christmas list expands..More
people, more presents...I love buying for people
actually..I just should do it at a time where I enjoy it,
instead of the rushed feeling I have now...I hate that
feeling, because I really want to enjoy Christmas, I'm just
finding it hard to at the moment...But it's not just
me..It's everyone..Everyone this year seems to feel the
same...Most years you find someone who seems overjoyed at
Christmas..I haven't found any...Everyone seems to want it
over and done with...Wish we could go back to the days of
being naturally happy with this time of year and not
feeling pressured to feel happy..Or maybe it's just because
as adults we feel the pressure of everything that Christmas
has become, where as kids, Christmas is still what it's
meant to be...

Anyway, I have lost my train of thought, as I know it's
late and I should be in bed, so tis where I am going to
go..I just felt I needed to update this diary somewhat, as
I have neglected it...I'll just blame it on Christmas, till
it's all over...Secretly though I do like Christmas..I'm
just now allowing myself to at the moment...And once I get
everyone their presents and sent and where they need to be
I know I'll be happier...Nearly there, but not quite....