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my crazy thoughts~!
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2001-12-17 14:19:51 (UTC)

the BIG day!

OMG i just got home from work its 807 a.m. and I have to go
to the doctor today to have my tonsils removed! HOW SCARY!
what if I wake up during it? but im gonna be in the
hospital ALL alone... :- O well, tabz,brady and Ryan said
they were gonna possibly visit me tonite! I'm spose to work
tonite!!! IDK what Im gonna do im probably gonna have my
mom call in for me and tell them... LOL but I spose I don't
have much to write in here b/c im dead ass tired and I have
to leave the house soon to go to the doctors... I will talk
to you later... oooo the cutest thing... steph calls me
today and of course wakes me up.. lol but shes like heather
I bought you a christmas gift :) do you want to know what
it is???? lol she is the cutest thing ever.....

love espy