Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2001-12-17 12:49:18 (UTC)

Dream - May Seriously Damage My Mind

Well, it started with me wandering around outside a house,
it looked a little like a fairy story house, very smooth
walls, that gingerbready colour, so you've got be
suspicious, right? No, it was just a bit too good to be

Anyway, I saw a bloke, quite a tall bloke, wandering around
too, looking for a key - not quite sure what it was he
wanted, but I offered to help him. He said it was OK, he'd
found the key now, and produced a key that was around 5
feet in length. He was tall enough to put in the lock on
the door (that I thought was a building) and unlocked it,
and invited me in once it was opened.

I went in, and started to descend a spiral staircase. It
opened onto a yellow-decored corridor, wide enough to fit a
car down. At this point, I saw the boy who played Oliver
Twist in the 1968 film, (Mark Lester (TV Guide next to me))
run by. It was a little odd, but I thought nothing of it
and carried on down the stairs. I found another corridor,
with a large room off it.

It was attached, open, to the side of the corridor, so it
only had 3 walls, if you see. Anyway, the chap was in
there, with a lady and 2 children (one of each). They
beckoned me to sit just outside the warmth of the room, at
a table and write cards, which I did, giving the last of 8,
to them, Isembard & Mary. How I know their names I'm not

Anyway. I asked to leave this done, and Isembard led me
part of the way up the stairs, then left me to trek the
rest on my own. I reached the big door, and realised I
couldn't get out. Despite clawing at the door a bit, it was
to no real avail. Then, as if from nowhere, I saw a big
blue mouse crawling on its back from under the top stair.

He asked me in, and told me to stop my 'infernal
scratching'. Once I was inside, the passage i had walked
through forked into two. The mouse asked if I wanted to see
the inside goat or the outside goat. He led me to the
right, and closed a gate behind me.

As I turned the corner, I was faced with about 20 people,
one of whom was Mark Lester (12 as ever). I sat down next
to them, and began to recount my story. It became obvious
the same thing had happened to them, and they weren't too
excited. Mark, said once I'd finished, "You were lucky. At
least you didn't have to beg for your life". Then I awoke.

Wish I hadn't. Still, good dream.
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