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2001-12-17 12:28:28 (UTC)

Sex, Sex, Sex

Mood: Insulted
Music: Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Time: 9:30 PM (12-17-01) Tokyo Standard Time

So my friend Mona put up a diary explaining the three kinds
of sex in her eyes: George Michaels, Madonna, and NIN. I
ranked, in her guesstimation, very high on the George
Michaels scale :(

I too think there's three kinds of sex: Jennifer Love
Hewitt, Jenna Jameson, and Marilyn Manson.

Jennifer Love Hewitt sex is like sweet and slow, when you
take time to not only feel close physically, but
emotionally too. Its when you turn on "This I Promise You"
and hold her close and now that in the whole world, in the
whole universe, its just you two here and now. This is the
kind of intimacy I want in a relationship.

Jenna Jameson is all about speed. Its about how hard you
can hit that shit, how loud you can make her scream, and
how good you are at letting the neighbors know what's going
on. This is fun, but its more geared towards physical
satisfaction and less towards telling a girl how she's the
angel that was put on the world just for you.

I gotta admit, I don't know a whole lot about the Marilyn
Manson type sex, but I know it involves chains, whips, and
other toys. This whole thing is like a foreign concept to
me. I know you freaks out there wouldn't have it any other
way ... but I can't see myself trying to inflict pain on
someone, even if she was asking me to. Mix that in with sex
and I'd be lost. Do you want it to feel good or do you want
it to hurt? It seems to me that this is less focused on the
sex and more on the victimization ... more on hurting
someone or acting out some pain that was inflicted on you.

I guess there's also the boring sex that doesn't really fit
into any of these categories where you're both just kind of
laying there doing it just to do it. Sex shouldn't just be
about a warm place to put your willy. It is physical
though, so I guess its natural to become obsessed with that
aspect, but if you're not not getting anything emotional
out of it, you're just going to keep feeling empty inside.
Sure you're getting laid, but are you being loved?

Just my thoughts on the matter