De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-17 12:21:17 (UTC)

Out here in Middle-earth

Monday 17/12/01

Wellington is officially renamed Middle-earth today,
heheheh..the major places in the city have their names there's Middle-earth city council, Middle-
earth railway station... the premiere's just round the
corner, we're all gonna be at the street on wednesday, and
i'll be busy with my shutters! : )

scanned heaps of photographs onto my webshots albums
today..check em out...

nothing much really today, settled some admin...runnin
really low on cash though...sighz....prob be christmas
shopping abit tomoro and i'll be able to collect the south-
isle pics too! yeahhhh....

hit down to the video store wit luke at night, drove
down... that guy accelerates/decelerates freakin
fast ...reminds me of alan, makes me nauseous : P

we rented a video game and Almost Famous, that Kate Hudson
movie...quite a good movie..she was real pretty and Anna
Paquin too! : ) nice story too..

prob go for a swim tomoro, while i still have free time...
will be startin work soon!