Forgotten Misery
2001-12-17 11:25:24 (UTC)

the roller coaster of life

This thing we call life is nothing more than a roller
coaster filled with its ups and downs. I said what I said
from the pain I felt and from what my friends made me feel
to get over the pain without alcohol or smoking cause thats
low if you drink to get over things its really sad I used
to be that way until I became a better person with the help
of Ryan, Jacob, And Marissa hence forth without them caring
about me im not to sure what kind of person i would be right
now or if i would even be alive. Im so glad Geoferey got
over me so quickly guys always do move on alot faster than
girls cause girls hold more meanings and more love in their
hearts and thats why we are foolish. Love what does that
word mean anymore huh? Its so over used and holds no
meaning but im foolish and allow that word to hold meaning
to my heart.

My dearest Geoff,
Im sorry in a way for the fact I ran u away. Im sorry
for the way i acted but my heart did get broken and its my
defense its an automatic reflex for me. Im sorry I didnt
or couldnt understand why u never made time for me and im
sorry for being hurt when my phone never rang. Im sorry
for being a fool blinded by my love for you. Have a good
life and tear the wall down that u put up and hide behind
drinking your pains away alcohol doesnt solve anything u
just think it does. I know all to well it solves nothing
and even when your drunk u dont forget the past trust me
when i got drunk to forget what did I talk about the fact
of how much I loved ryan and missed him now that was at lrs
feast and u saw how wasted I was and didnt that make u a
lil sick ????????????????????????????? I will always worry
about u cause I still care and always will about u just I
care for u in a different way now cause u wont allow anyone
to love u.