Single life for Rae
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2001-12-17 10:26:34 (UTC)

What a great day...

So I have another online diary, but the site never seems to
work, and of course on the day that I have so much really
to write about, to remind me of what happened this day. My
day didnt really start until around 4 pm today. Thats
because I really didnt wake up until 3:30 pm. I had such a
great night, I was on the phone with a guy names Jason. We
talked for four hours and fourteen minutes! I have only had
one longer phone call with someone, and it wasnt just all
talk. This phone conversation was actually a conversation!
I got to know him so well, hes the kind of person who loves
to have deep conversations!

So my day started out later than normal, not a big deal. I
decided to go to my dads today. I havent really been
appreciating him like I should. I kind of miss him
in a way. I went over there to wrap some of my gifts that
he bought for me, you see he gives us money to go buy the
gifts, and then we wrap them! So while wrapping were
watching Pearl Harbor, and just chattin. He made dinner,
which was some great chicken, and then I went home. Now my
home is very boring at 9 o'clock at night, so I decide to
give my best friend, Dani a call, and go hang w/ her. I
seem to always call her at like the best time. When she
needs me the most :) I get to her place, and we decide to
rent some movies, have some fun along the way. We watched,
Almost Famous, great movie. Its bout 3:00 am by the time I
leave her house. I really want to call Jason, we had such a
great convo, and I just wanted to talk to him again. So I
call him, we talk for about 65 minutes, only because i had
89 minutes left in my plan which starts again in 2 days.

When we were concluding our phone call, he admits
something, in a round-about-way. He told me, ya know, Youre
using up all of your minutes on me, if you have better
people to call, call them not me. I was like..I love the
way that youre trying to make up excuses for me calling
you. And then he confessed..OK...I really like talking to
you and you calling me, but I know that I use a lot of your
minutes. So he said he would call me from work (which
really wont work either, because I use minutes that way,
but hey, he's willing to call me, so ITS A PLUS!)

So now Im sitting here, wishing that I was still on the
phone with him, but I have this feeling that hes telling
Chris, his roomate, about the convo that we just had.

I think I like him....