The Princess
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2001-12-17 09:11:36 (UTC)

Middle of the night blues......

It is almost 4 am and I can not sleep. The castle is drafty
and the chill in the air is almost unbareable. I did go
after my wrap and soon hopefully, I will get warm.
The prince treats me as if I don't exist. He can be very
distant at times. I mainly spend the majority of my time
alone. Cault up in mist of my thoughts & fears. I know the
prince does not love me. Fore he told me so. He asks that I
leave the castle as soon as I find work. Which is not as
easy as it is said. This is a very bad time to find work as
I have soon found out. I have this quaint little miniture castle
picked out to move too, but its a must to work that pays
enough to make it out on my very own. My pets, I must leave
behind, for I can not take them when the opportunity to
leave the castle arises. I shall miss them so. I so look
forward to moving away from this drafty ole place. No hope
of a continuing a relationship with the prince. I feel no
love for him. He has a deranged sorda of mind, and only
finds happiness in pornagraphy. It disscust me so. I almost
can not bare the site of him. I must find work soon, I pray
I find work soon. I will leave and not look back. I will
desire no other man. For I will remain single the remainder
of nature born life. The prince has turned everything into
ugliness. My home is not home any longer. I can not trust
anymore. I can not love anymore. I only wish to be rid of
him. The sooner, the better. He deserves no love, no
respect. Only I carry hate for him. And he does not know
the extent of my hatetrid. I put up this fake front when he
is around. I show no emmotion toward him, but show him
kindness only out of him allowing to me stay here till I
find work. But in my mind, I want to scream at him how
discusting he is. How I hate him. I pity the poor soul who
desires him in the future. For he will never change.

~* PrincessBlue *~

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