Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2001-12-17 08:48:44 (UTC)

Hello. Hello. Its Good To Be Back.

All I can state for this is relief and joy really. They're
two emotions with which I am not best acquainted, but fully
justified this evening (or last evening, anyways). It seems
almost odd to be back in the old routine, doing what we do,
again, but at the same time, because its so normal, it
seems normal.

Here's how it works on a Sunday. We go down the pub, same
pub as ever. Yesterday, bit of a change, went to somewhere
else afterwards, but we'd been before so it wasn't too off.

One of drives, let's call him Raymond.

I always sit in the front of the car with Raymond, cos I
always get picked up and dropped off first. This leaves,
say, Nick, Mike and Steve in the back. Raymond & I tend to
sit in the front and chat, as you do, leaving Nick, Mike
and Steve in the back, generally singing drunkenly, which,
although at the time is very annoying, is always funny too.

Unless they're singing over Kings Of Convenience....tut tut

Still, all in all, routine is got back into, and everyone
comes out as winner. Just wait until you hear my dream from
this morning. Crazy.....crazy.....5h1t.

WILT? Your Song - Elton John