Kris L.

Demon Cleaner
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2001-12-17 07:38:35 (UTC)

All I Really Want Is GIRLS

And that, my friends, is the Beastie Boys, from back in
the day.

So anyway, I'm about to go to Waffle House. If anyone that
reads this hasn't heard of a Waffle House, please email me
and I will explain what it is. I plan on having a waffle
and a bowl of chili, possibly grits. Something about food
that is just BAD for you is appealing to me, especially in
the rustic setting of Waffle House.
OK, not "rustic." More like rustY. But really, check it

Don't really have much to say in the way of small talk and
what-not. So I'll cut this short. Time to get some eatin'

Kris L.
[email protected]