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sick of all the sh*t
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2001-12-17 07:13:05 (UTC)

One night Marine

Well yesterday I went to the Chargers/Raiders game with my
friend Natalie and her friend Scott and HIS friend Marvin.
We had a lot of fun and drank a bit much so when I got home
around 7 I still wanted to go out...I called Silvana and
told her I'd look for someplace online where we could go..I
found a bar on Miramar Marine base and we decided to go
there...It said civilians welcome but when we got to the
ate they said that because of the shit going on we couldn't
come in unless we had a we just went down the
street to the filling station...I don't feel like writing a
lot so I'll actually make this as short as poddible...I met
an adorable marine(of course he was only 22 because I only
meet young'uns)but I ended up brining him home(only becasue
he said he was oing to Japan in 3 days and would be gone
for 12 I knew that even if I got slightly
attached I wouldn't have a choice...wouldn't be good
relationship material anyway although he was very sweet,
cute, and VERY affectionate...I didn't take him home until
6 tonight...we had sex, slept, cuddled, sex, slept,
cuddled, talked, and just a generally good time...I needed
to feel strong arms around me..Casey just hasn't been
cutting it although I love him dearly! It felt so good to
be held..anyways when I dropped him off at the barracks
earlier I hugged him and said goodbye and he just kinda
stood there and finally (with great trepidation) asked if
he could call me and get my number(I don't know if it was
out of guilt or what....who knows)I told him that would be
great if he called..I had a good time. I didn't have a pen
so he told me to come up to his room...I went up and he got
me a pen and I wrote my number on my business card...Then I
hugged and kissed him goodbye...He's leaving so in a way I
hope he doesn't call because if I see him again I could see
it being hard to see him go...I hate the whole female quick
attachment thing...It's just that I am in a vulnerable
state and his cuddliness made it worse.Not that I believe
anything any guy says anymore I told him about the lipo, my
hair(I mean who fucking cares, I'm not marrying this guy)
and he seemed cool about it all...told me he didn't think I
should get lipo and that he loved my bod just the way it
was...he seemed sincere but who knows about that
either...My roommate Tony keeps making comments about how
young the guys are that I bring home...for example"Did you
get him home before curfew?" lol...he did look about 18 or
19 but for some reason I am just attracted to young guys
and I'm not quite sure why ..The only thing I can think of
is that I relate to them batter because I like to have fun
and be carefree and non-serious and older guys seem so
boring most of the time...of course there are exceptions to
the rule but generally that's how it is...Anyway I wish he
was still here cuddling with me but he's not and probably
wont' be again ...wish I could bottle that feeling...