Queen Bee

2001-12-17 06:59:03 (UTC)

Dried Tears.

lately i have just been crying SO much just about
everything and i dont think i can cry anymore its like my
tears are all dried up. i have been crying at everything.
tv shows, my own problems everything. Of course i remember
almost crying at teenage mutant ninja turtles because
everyone was so mean to shredder.i dunno i always cry im
worst than my mom now. i almost cried the other night
because someone was being mean to the bad guys that is how
bad i feel right now. i just have not been feeling good
about myself lately which is prob why i dont think anyone
cares about me. im getting better i dont think people hate
me and dont care for me anymore. of course i still think
some people say it so i'll shut up but not so much any
more. i do need to not think like this cuz i know people
care about me and the tarot cards told me to think better
of myself. i think i feel this way because since i was 15 i
could get rocky anytime i wanted him and now he has another
g/f. and it feels like he doesnt want me anymore even
though he probably does cuz he has all those other times
before. but i dunno. i know im kinda drooning on about
things but its a diary so im allowed to. anyways i have to
get. but if you hae any ? or just wanna talk email me at
[email protected] or [email protected]. thank you!:)

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