...TwIsTeD ThOuGhTs...
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2001-12-17 06:28:22 (UTC)

why me.. part 2

..there's this guy.. I know I just met him.. but.. oh geez
i dont know.. maybe its the fact that he's almost 18..
maybe its the fact that i have so little self confidence
that i dont believe him when he says he likes me too..

but.. he doesnt like me the way i like him.. im sure of
it.. i really love talking to him.. but somehow.. i feel im
just some girl to him.. just a friend.. i want to be more..
why me..?

why do i have to be this ugly.. boring.. useless..
unwanted.. thing..? i need to cut.. i'll feel better after
i cut.. perhaps i will.. its a great solution.. you should
try it some time..

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